uwash service

Your critical applications always require a high demand for bandwidth and with our Bandwidth Optimisation service, we simply manage your bandwidth in the most efficient way while at the same time increasing your operational efficiency and productivity.

With our support, you will take control of bandwidth usage in your business and leave the task to us to come up with the right strategy to effectively manage the consumption of your bandwidth. Our services will help your business to avoid the need to unnecessarily invest in additional bandwidth by improving the management of your network for better performance. We will help your IT people to have complete visibility of all network activities.

Our major areas of support cover among others, the following;

  • A faster, more responsive Internet experience.
  • Reduced data transfers (a boon to those on Data Limited Internet connections).
  • Dynamic Quality of Service control that allows other cloud services (like VoIP) to work the way they should.
  • Ability to do content control. Can be used on any Internet Connections